I am looking for a job

If you came across this page it probably means that your company needs an employee. So how about smart, handsome, charming one? ;) One that is easy-going, hard-working, highly motivated? In other words - ME?

I am currently taking a career break, but nevertheless I am opened to part-time jobs and short freelance assignments that I could do remotely from Japan. And who knows, if your offer is really great I may actually change my plans, move to your country and join your ship. If you think that I would fit into your company please contact me right now!

Please go to the main page to find more personal info about me or continue reading this page if you are interested in my resume and other work-related information

I completed 5-year computer science course (although I haven't graduated) at the university in Poland and was a research student in Japan for 18 months. After leaving the university I continued doing research in Japan on my own for another 6 months.

I now live in Tokyo, Japan, but I may be willing to relocate to any country. I do prefer remote work however.

I used to work as Senior QA Engineer and I am particularly interested in everything related to test automation. I use Selenium and WebDriver combined with Jenkins and Maven to achieve fast and stable automation (which is usually not easy). I am open to all automation-related opportunities, especially ones that would let me learn new frameworks (e.g. Protractor). I am also an Agile coach and consultant and I would welcome a position where I would be able to further expand in that direction.

You can find more about me in my resume

Please look around this website (especially the home page) to find out more about me. Should you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact me.